Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Top 5 popular excuses given for not writing a Will.

There are many reasons why people don't make a Last Will. Here's our take on the Top 5

  1. Ignorance, postponing the act.
  2. A belief that Last Wills are meant only for Old.
  3. Waiting for Life threatening illnesses to nudge you to it.
  4. Believing that nothing's going to happen to me.
  5. Don't know what to do, where to go.

1. Laziness, I'll do it later.
The only issue with this is that later seldom happens. The inevitable happens sooner.

2. Thinking that Last Wills are only meant for the old.
        Wrong. Look at these celebrities.

  • Princess Diana, wrote her Last Will at 32. She left us at 36.
  • Marilyn Monroe, wrote her Last Will at 35. She left us at 36.
  • Elvis Presley, wrote his Last Will at 42. He left us at 42.
  • Janis Joplin, died at 27, but updated her will 2 days earlier
  • Heath Ledger died at 28, but wrote a Last Will at 23

3. Waiting for a life threatening illness to nudge you. 
Many don't even get the time to reflect on life, in a hospital bed, with sufficient time at hand to write a Last Will. God only signals the lucky ones. Don't bet on that.

4. Believing that nothing's gonna happen to you.
Yep, I was healthy. I was young. The world was at my feet. And 9/11, or was it 26/11, took me away. Life's uncertain. Unexpected. Anything can happen. Any time. The only thing we can do is be prepared. How many instances do we know of folks, who were here one day, but gone the next? Remember Freak accidents. Road accidents. Train accidents. Sudden, fatal illness. Plane accidents. Floods. Typhoons. Earthquakes....

5. Don't know what do, whom to go to, or how much it costs.
It's easy now. Starts at just Rs 4,000 only at Buy the Do-It-Yourself Last Will here wherein you just have to enter your details, make payment and get your Legal Will generated in as less as 30 minutes! Customers seeking customization for a more detailed Will, we provide that service as well!

As an Individual you know very well that life is uncertain. Which is why you take insurance, in the first place. When we don't write a Last Will, the chances are that we unwittingly sow the seeds for a Kurukshetra in our families. It can get ugly when a son starts fighting his mother. Brother starts fighting brother. All because of the absence of a Last Will. Our survey amongst customers confirms this, for many families.

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