Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A must read humourous WILLish story. With a message.

Ramesh NaaWillKar and Suresh AaWillKar are sipping a cocktail at a beautiful beach with white sand and blue waters. When they see a couple walking by, hand in hand. They both look at each other and exchanged a thought.

Ramesh – ‘It’s been a year since we've met our families.’
Suresh – ‘Yes! I miss my wife too’

Then they decide to go and meet God. Oops! I think I forgot to mention that they are in heaven and have been dead for a year. It’s precisely been a year today. So being their death anniversary, they think that it would be a great idea to go and visit their families and see how they are doing without them. Also they want to eat all the good food that their wives would have cooked for them.(In the Indian culture, we always keep the favorite foods of the dead out for them to savor on their death anniversary). 

Talking about their alive days, Ramesh and Suresh were best friends and business partners. They both had 2 sons each. 3 of them were still in college, only Ramesh’s elder son was married. They both had loving wives who loved them, I mean respectively. Skipping to their death. It was a very unfortunate… never happened before… unique death. They died in a road accident

Coming back to heaven. They went and met God. And it took them all of 3 and a half minutes to convince him. All they had to do was say that they were missing their wives. God was so impressed that there are 2 men on this planet who really miss their wives even after being in heaven. They really deserved this grant.
So now Mr. NaaWillKar and Mr. AaWillKar took the Cloud train to earth. When they reached here, they both went to their homes and met back at the beach at the end of the day. When Suresh returned, he was all happy and wanted to share all the happiness with his friend Ramesh. But he found Ramesh sitting at the beach chair with a long face.
But Suresh was so excited that he went and started talking. He said, ‘My wife and sons were at my home performing the puja. After which they went to a shelter home and donated some quilts. Then they came home and had my favorite brand of whisky with my favorite Tandoori Chicken.’

Then he asked Ramesh what was his family doing. He said ‘When I got home, no one was there. I lingered around and heard my neighbors talking about some court case. I walked 5 miles in the scorching sun and reached the court to find my wife talking to some lawyer.’ He followed his wife into a courtroom where he saw his sons and his daughter-in-law sitting on a bench. When the hearing started, he saw a complete bollywood masala movie scene at the courtroom. His wife was fighting his son. His daughter-in-law was fighting his wife. His son was fighting his other son. So basically it was a Mahabharata happening in his own family. And no one even remembered that it was his death anniversary. That he was gone. When they all reached home, his wife was sitting alone in their room. Deep in thoughts. He couldn’t interpret her thoughts. So he called up God for help. God was a little apprehensive because the thoughts weren’t pleasant. But nevertheless, he did tell him. He said and I quote, ‘Only if you would have left a will, my family would been happy like before.’

Suresh couldn’t believe it. Not that Ramesh’s family had spilt but that he didn't make a will. He said, ‘We both are best friends since I can remember. We did everything alike. I can’t believe you did not make a will. Even after I told you so many times to do so. But you kept insisting that you will do it later.’

Moral of the Story: Don’t postpone making your will. It is the only way you can assure peace in your family.

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