Thursday, 29 May 2014

Shailesh Khurana's family suffers much more than he ever expected!

A 51 year old businessman from Delhi, Shailesh Khurana, was out on a business trip to Alwar, a small town in Rajasthan. On his way back, he met with an accident on the National Highway 2. A truck hit his Wagon R and Khurana was admitted in the ICCU in the nearest available facility. His family reached the hospital in 3 hours, but he did not survive the injuries. His family could not even say their goodbyes!

 Khurana was a perfect family man. He used to work hard every day to secure the future of his wife and kids. Khurana left behind 2 sons, Rajesh and Rakesh. Rakesh is married and has 2 sons. Rajesh is married and is childless. Is there a Last Will? After the rituals were over, their family friend and lawyer Mr. Shetty, suggested that they talk about the asset distribution. Mrs. Khurana said that she wants that the entire business and property be divided equally amongst all the surviving heirs, just like her husband wanted. That means that the estate would be divided into 5 equal parts and given to his wife, his sons and his grandchildren. But Rajesh had a problem with this. He said that there should be only 3 parts, for his mother, his brother and him. He said that Rakesh should give his children out of his own share.

 Rajni was shocked and could not believe that her son was dishonoring his father’s last wish. To this, Rajesh replied that if it was actually his father’s last wish, he should have put it down on legal paper and made a Last Will . Courtroom Drama That’s actually what Mr.Khurana should have done. That is what each of us should do. Make a last will. If we don't, then the courts will intervene to make that decision on our property. Khurana wanted his grandchildren to have an equal share in his Last Will. And which is correct and logical. The family fought each other in court and after 3 years and 8 months, Rajesh won the case and the assets were divided amongst the 3 of them. Rajesh and his wife now stay in a different city away from their family. Things could have ended differently. Only if Mr.Khurana would have made a last will. 

Do you have a story about a Last Will? Happy ending, or sad? Share it with our readers so that everybody gets wiser about the importance of a Last Will. 

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